Mondoro CompanY Ltd Manufacturing In Asia 

We cover all of your Home furnishings and decor manufacturing needs. From design to manufacture we work with you every step to ensure a product that captures your customer's attention. WE kn0w asia so you don't have to--we're here to bring you the best of its home decor design, manufacture and export. 
You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world.  But it takes people to make the dream a reality.    
                                                                             -- Walt Disney

A Different Kind of Company

We are a company that strives to excel in all we do. Mondoro Company Ltd services the home furnishing industry by setting for ourselves high standards of performance.

To excel we commit to the following as: 
  • Passionate designers and zealous finishers who collaborate as a team and individuals to develop furniture, lamps, textiles, wall decor, home accessories and outdoor furniture marked by excellence
  • Quality fanatics who understand that quality requires extra effort in everything we do for the China and Vietnam Furniture industries
  • Visionary thinkers who embrace new technologies and ideas to create new products or designs that incorporate current trends and sell in both new and established manufacturing markets
  • Trustworthy custodians of your confidential designs and products to protect you business plans
  • Experts who utilize Asian sources to assist our staff so we can create products using the best Asian furniture design talent available in China, Vietnam and Cambodia to respond to your special needs.  

Products By Category

We give each piece we make the same attention to quality and detail as we do a collection.  Whether you are looking to manufacture lamps, chairs, tables, mirrors, accessories or something else you're sure to see inspiring pieces that showcase our level of craft and design.  

Products By Collection

We carefully curate collections that take inspiration from our lives as well as current trends. Each collection presents a unique style that says something about who we are as people and home furnishing manufacturers. To create a single collection we pull from resources in China, Vietnam and Cambodia.