Wild Things 

The Old Colony * Retro * Re-immerge

Listen  to what the flower people say - those bold rays of bright colors bring happiness and smiles.                   

Look Books 2017-2018

Light My Fire * Scorch * Ignite

Out of the Ordinary * Untamed * The Exotic Lifestyle  

The Bright Life * Bold Rays * Flower Power  

Tiled Out 

Just can’t stop the scorched fire that ignites our senses and creativeness. 

Burn baby Burn!

Wild things inspires our heart to really sing about the exotic, the untamed lifestyle and the out of the ordinary -

I think I love you!

There are no rules for inside out - just let it go - interchangeable home decor - as the cold never bothered us anyway.

Turned Around  * Beautiful Spaces * Interchangeable

In Bloom 

Burnt Out 

Inside Out 

Ob la di, Ob la da- life goes on bra, La is how life goes on - with the re-immergence of old colony French tiles for decorating a home-sweet-home.