Home Decor Design and Manufacturing in Asia

From Our President

You need someone who cares as much about quality home furnishings and decor manufacturing as you do. 
"To Strive for Excellence In All We Do" is a promise, not just a tagline. Mondoro is a truly unique company that delivers similarly unique results.

We leverage our different cultures and backgrounds of American, Chinese, Vietnamese and Cambodian to produce the best home furnishings and decor that Asia has to offer. Not only does this commitment and diversity result in an outstanding final product, but also an outstanding service experience for you, our customer.

I invite you to view our products and learn more about what we do here on our webpage and get in contact with us to see the difference Mondoro can make for you. Our doors are always open for you to come visit our China and Vietnam showrooms.   


Anita Hummel 

President and CEO,

Mondoro Co Ltd. 

Collaboration and design for home decor and furnishings that sell. 

Everything we do begins with you.  

The process of manufacturing begins with you. We listen and collaborate to understand what you and your customers want in their home decor and furniture.  We follow the home furnishings industry's latest trends in order to incorporate them into flawless designs that don't just fit current trends but set future ones. Together we create outstanding products to satisfy your most demanding customers.  

Manufacturing where quality is king

The extra mile that matters most

We are hands-on manufactures and quality fanatics. We work very closely with our production partners to ensure that each step of the manufacturing process contributes to the highest quality end product. We back this up with extensive in-house quality and durability testing. Our Vietnam retail location, Mondoro Living, allows us to keep an even closer pulse on trends and quality--we always strive to improve ourselves. Click here to see our products.  

Training local craftsmen to compete on a global scale

From the lacquer villages of Vietnam to the porcelain villages of China, Asian artisans have been developing their craft for centuries. We work to ensure they can continue for centuries to come by training them on how to apply their skills to current home decor trends. We leverage their heritage as makers and augment it with hands-on instruction concerning contemporary forms, materials and processes. By focusing on these small groups of craftspeople we believe we impact the local economies in a positive way. 

Click here to learn more about how we give back.

Supporting Local Villages and Craftsmen