Contemporary furniture and home decor; sleek, contemporary, innovative.
Our contemporary furniture line takes its name from one of the world centers of design and modernism. Rich colors and clean lines on minimalist forms echo the latest trends in home decor design. 

Asian furniture, ethnic furniture and home decor style.
The Fenchow collection features our pieces uniquely Asian and ethnic in character. Each presents a classic Asian inspiration, often with a modern twist to make for genuinely cosmopolitan home furnishings and decor.

Home furniture and decor; value, quality, volume. 
For those who want to produce large quantities of home furnishings without sacrificing design, the Milwaukee Collection presents the unique option of individuality in mass.  .

From our homes to yours
Based on inspiration from our President, Anita Hummel's home, upbringing and family as well as the most current home decor design trends, our collections create complete sets of style. Each includes furniture, lamps, wall decor and more from Chinese, Vietnamese and Cambodian producers.   

European styled furniture and home decor; fresh, delicate, feminine. 
The elegant lines, soft textures and cool colors of the Linnea Collection take their inspiration from the Swedish flower that inspires its name. Out of our Asian factories comes a distinctly European inspired line.  

milwaukee collection 

greencastle collection 

Products by Collection 

hawaii collection 

linnea collection 

fenchow collection 

American furniture and home decor style; rustic, classic, bold.
From the nostalgia for America's highways, corner stores and soda fountains of the past comes the Greencastle Collection. Antiqued finishes, dark woods and bold lines help make you feel right at home. 

stockholm collection 

Garden furniture and lamps for outdoor living
Nothing capture the ease and beauty of outdoor living quite like the Hawaiian Islands.  Our outdoor furniture line brings you this lifestyle and combines it with the durability and strength mother nature demands.