The Inspiration
This collection takes its name from the place where Ms. Hummel's grandfather and his family lived in China during the 1920's, (present day Fenyang, Shanxi, China).  This northern Chinese community was a Christian mission for many years and it is where her uncle and aunt were born.  From Fenchow, Hummel's grandfather wrote letters to his twin brother talking about purchasing and designing furniture and accessories for their home.



The Collection 

The Fenchow Collection takes its visual cues from all things Asian and ethnic. The collection consists of cultural statues, silk lanterns, Buddha statues, antique-styled furniture, and bamboo. It showcases rich finishes, deep colors and lacquers for an authentic antique feel. Each piece adds a diversity and international appeal to satisfy your customers cosmopolitan tastes. The Asian Furniture and Ethnic Furniture and Home Décor Accessories are styled and manufactured in China, Vietnam and Cambodia.