Helping Local Craftsmen

Responsible manufacturing through training

Mondoro Co Ltd is a company based in Asia and as such we believe it is our responsibility to help develop this part of the world we call home. We work with small or medium enterprises (SME's) where we seek to develop their business and craft through training. The world of home furniture and decor moves quickly with each year's new trends and techniques and without help these SME's fall behind to much larger facilities. As we develop products with our customers to match these trends, we train these factories on how to incorporate them into their work. This includes introductions to new materials, instruction on new finishes and surface treatments, guidance on color application and much more. Click here to contact us and learn more.  

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." 

Charity Outreach

Helping our world--one person at a time
Not only does Mondoro Co help build local economies through business, we also directly aid Asia's future, namely its children. The children who are fortunate enough to study in school often have a difficult time staying there because their families cannot afford the most basic school supplies. Leveraging our connections and knowledge of manufacturing we have donated backpacks, markers, desks, computers and much more to schools in Vietnam, rural China and Tibet.

This year we will be working with Hanoi International Schools and the Ban Phuc Mine schools to develop a unique child-to-child backpack donation program called Buddy Backpacks. Learn more about this and our other charity projects at