The Collection 

The Greencastle Collection is inspired by classic-American, rustic home decor and furniture.  Masculine in nature, this collection features leather, hand carved details, rich dark woods, earth tone colors, distressed comfortable furniture, and antique styled accessories. Each piece conjures up memories of "the good old days" while still fitting perfectly in any contemporary home. The America furniture, rustic furniture and home décor accessories are handsomely styled and manufactured in China, Vietnam and Cambodia

The Inspiration
On the U.S. Mason Dixon line in Pennsylvania is the small town of Greencastle. Here, Ms. Hummel's great, great, great grandfather John G. Miller ran a small store selling a variety of goods.   Stories of John G. Miller bring pictures to Hummel's mind of a classic, hardworking and comfortable lifestyle--the all-American life.  Today, his house and store still remain in this quaint, small town.