The Collection 

Few places on the earth symbolize outdoor living as well as Hawaii. Our Hawaii Outdoor Garden Furniture and Outdoor Lamps collection allows your customers to enjoy some of the simple pleasure of outdoor lifestyle no matter where they live. All our outdoor garden furniture, lamps and lighting are treated and tested for year-round outdoor use. The Outdoor Garden Furniture and Outdoor Lamps are designed and manufactured in China, Vietnam and Cambodia.



The Inspiration
One of Ms. Hummel's favorite semesters in college was a winter semester she studied on the North Shore of Hawaii at Brigham Young University- Hawaii Campus. There she spent as many of her days as possible outdoors with her many Polynesian and American friends. They had Luaus on the beach, and went spear fishing or swimming in the beautiful North Shore oceans.  She loved the outdoors and the beach so much, that she always attended class with a swimsuit on under her clothes, so she could get to the beach at a moment’s notice.