The Collection
Furniture and home decor to match the simple beauty of a flower defines the Linnea Collection. Light tones and colors, and direction from the best of European design are its hallmarks. In the collection you'll find hand carved details, elegant curves, soft colors, trims of gold, and shades of whites. Each piece gently gestures to all things beautiful and feminine in nature and character. The European Style Furniture and Home D├ęcor Accessories are styled and manufactured in China, Vietnam and Cambodia.


The Inspiration
Carl Linnaeus, also known as Carl von Linne, was a famous Swedish botanist considered the Father of Taxonomy. During his travels classifying plant species through Sweden and all over Europe, he became particularly fond of a small, dainty, yet elegant flower he eventually named the Linnea Flower. Because this flower is dainty and feminine, many Swedes name their daughters Linnea.  Ms. Hummel's family has used Linnea as a middle or first name for many generations. The Linnea Collection takes after this delicate flower and signifies class, beauty, and femininity.