The Collection 

Just like the character and style of old buildings and towns of the Midwest, the Milwaukee Home Furniture and Home Décor Collection are for those customers who want to buy volume designer quality products at exceptional pricing. The Home Furniture and Home Décor Accessories are styled and manufactured in China, Vietnam and Cambodia.


The Inspiration
Ms. Hummel spent most of my childhood in a one- hundred-year-old farmhouse outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Although money was tight her mother, who has an exceptional eye for designs and trends, would always find a way to decorate our old farmhouse.  She would find used furniture or other items people were tossing out and salvage them to place in our home. The family learned how to work by taking off old wall paper and putting up the new, painting, ripping up old linoleum flooring, and refinishing the original, rich hardwood floors of our old farmhouse.