Find something new and fresh.

Keep up with the newest colors and trends this year with our mood boards. Each board consist of all Mondoro color chips and items. It includes products from our China and Vietnam office. Check out what the Mondoro team is working on this year!

Mood Boards 2017-2018 Trends 


Find the piece you've been looking for. 
If you already know the type of piece you are looking for, browse by category to see the diverse range of lamps, furniture, wall decor and more that we produce. Each of these pieces is designed to fit within larger collections of similar design motifs and styles. Whether you need a table from China, a lamp from Vietnam or an artifact from Cambodia we have numerous options for you to choose from.    

Find the style that's just right. 
Our collections are groups of home furnishings and decor that together express a distinct style and statement. Each includes furniture, wall decor, lamps and accessories from both our principle China and Vietnam producers.  Whether your looking to put together an entire room set or trying to find the pieces to accent your existing collections, browse by collection if you already know the distinct style you're looking for.