The Inspiration
Ms. Hummel's mother was raised in a lovely, old apartment building in downtown Stockholm, Sweden.  Through her father and mother, she learned to appreciate fashionable and beautiful things. She went to art school and followed in her father’s footsteps, becoming an amateur artist, musician, and also an expert weaver of fabrics.  When Hummel was young, she remembers her home being filled with musical instruments, paint brushes, and a weaving loom. The Stockholm Collection is inspired from this great city that influenced the Hummel family for generations. 

The Collection 

The Stockholm Collection is a Modern Furniture and Home Décor collection, drawing upon rich colors, fresh looks, clean lines and current contemporary furniture trends. These elements and our constant attention to trends make for a collection that, like the city from which it takes its name, not just ahead of the curve but one that sets the curve for others to follow. The Contemporary Furniture and Modern Furniture and Home Décor Accessories are richly styled and manufactured in China, Vietnam and Cambodia.