Top 10 Benefits- Our Promise To You

‚Äč1. We Know Asia.  We live here work here and are part of the local communities. China, Vietnam and Cambodia are our homes. We understand the regions from cultural and business perspectives so you can focus on your customers. 

We're quality fanatics. We accept nothing but the best from our production partners. We deliver the peace of mind that comes from knowing we expect as much out of our producers as you do.

We're quantity considerate. We match your quantity needs with the requisite resources to make sure that whether shipping multiple containers or only a partial, you receive a consistent product. 

We're passionate designers and developers.  Home furnishing production is our passion not just our business. Our team of experts cover everything from forms to finishes to create truly unique home decor.  

We're manufacturing experts. We have been manufacturing home furnishings and decor for a long time in China, Vietnam and Cambodia.  We leverage this experience to produce results unique to this region.  We understand the challenges as well as benefits of manufacturing in Asia and are here to navigate these waters for you.   

We price fairly. We match your needs and expectations with production costs to create home decor products financially viable for both parties. 

We are trustworthy custodians of your confidence. Your business depends on confidentiality of designs and products. We take this with utmost seriousness and consideration to protect you and your clients.  

We are always looking to expand and innovate. We want to use the best resources available in Asia. We currently work in China, Vietnam and Cambodia but are constantly looking for new places and ways to improve what we do. 

We are service oriented.Our customers are our number one priority. We are here to serve you the best we can and always hope to be improving. 

We understand you. We have been in the home furnishings industry a long time. We want to work closely with small and medium sized businesses so we can know and help you as individually as possible. 

You need someone who cares as much about home furnishings and decor as you do. 

We stay with you from start to finish of the design and manufacture process to make sure that every component of the product you'll sell will keep you at the forefront of the home furnishings and decor industry.  Our holistic approach provides benefits you won't find anywhere else